* Audio Production, Mixing & Post
* Compositions & Arrangements
* Career Mentoring & Lessons
Compose, record and mix you dream tracks with me.

(I Guarantee You'll Be Grinning From Ear To Ear).

For 30+ years - my productions, mixes and compositions are always delivered early and under-budget. I guarantee it.

Whether you are an artist, agent, record label or sound library exec, CxO of an entertainment conglomerate, or dedicated student looking for a mentor - I deliver with respect, integrity and honesty. There's no technical-mumbo-jumbo - just simple, straight-forward authenticity, coupled with practical solutions. 

Look no further and ring me up now at:
+1 561 206 2160.

You'll wonder why it took you so long to find me. Most of all, you'll be glad you made the call.
After having been nominated in two GRAMMY® categories, and as a proud member of both BMI, AFM and the RIAA - I'm fortunate to work with A-List entertainers and up and coming stars – including some of the biggest names in the entertainment and business world: Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Lindsey Buckingham, 3M, Goodyear and Blockbuster Video. ​​​​​

I've also honed my business acumen serving at the upper-levels of companies including Otari, NEOTEK, REP/SVC Magazine and GATE International. You can review an abridged version of my Discography here .

I've completed project work for Jeff Berlin, Russ Freeman, The Rippingtons and Eric Marienthal. In the process, my work has been featured along side of tracks and has been performed by Chick Corea, Peter Erskine and Russell Ferrante. Somehow, I’ve also managed to raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer by producing my own jazz solo albums - Sunset Key and Miracles.

All of this came at a price! Specifically, I mastered my performance, engineering and production skills with degrees from the University of Miami School of Music and College of Engineering. I like to think that my easy-going style is balanced by my ever-increasing love of all things technical and creative.

Lastly, I'm equally at home in recording, mixing and mastering studios working on major and independent projects. You can contact me directly at here .
My Services
Audio Production, Mixing & Post
Pre-production, repertoire selection, recording/tracking/ADR, sound-design, editing, mixing, vocal-tuning and mastering... "in the box" or using the greatest legacy gear -- you can have it all.

Whether you're an agency, corporation, entertainment conglomerate, singer/songwriter - I would be delighted to make a contribution to your audio needs.
Compositions & Arrangements
No matter the genre or deliverable, you can count on my training, libraries and sensitivity to create the perfect melody, accompaniment, groove and arrangement that meets your objective.

Whether pop, R&B, jazz, country, hip-hop, metal or rock and anything in between, your tracks, cues, sound design, video and film will be expertly crafted.
Career Mentoring & Lessons
Your musical instrument, vocals and beat creation is an extension of who you are. I can help you maximize your talents and make learning exhilirating and fun. 

And if you are serious about maximizing your talents as a career, my collegiate, corporate and business networking skills can make your strategy more effective and profitable.
Compose, record and mix your dream track with me
Satisfied Customers
  1. John Sprouls CAO/EVP Universal
    "David is hands-on and forges a close relationship with artists. He delivers incredible results with style and professionalism."
  2. Russ Freeman Rippingtons & Peak Records
    "David is the consumate pro - he's creative, he's quick, he's got a lot of chops, and he's a great guy!"
  3. Jeff Berlin Living Legend & Bassist
    "David is a great producer and engineer! He knows music and has vision! He uses sonics like a painter uses his oils. He is one of the finest producer/engineers in the music industry!"
  4. Bernadette Yao Singer-Songwriter
    "Not only is David a master at his craft - he's a kind and gentle soul with incredible supportive energy. He is quick, smart, and innovative and a joy to work with! I highly recommend him."
  5. Steve Roitstein Professor & Band Leader
    "David is creative, yet completely organized and businesslike. He sees to the minutest details while keeping his eye (and ear) on the big picture. He's the best."
  6. Navaka Fernando Singer-Songwriter
    "David's number one priority is to work with you and to bring out the best in you in whatever endeavor you pursue. I am so thankful that our paths crossed."